ChordCharts is a (free) tool for creating printable chord charts (wiki) and managing a band.

As a lonely ChordCharts user, you can log on to your personal page and write out some songs, but you can also start a band!

Every band gets its own homepage where you can manage your band or just chat. By suggesting songs and voting for them your band can create a repertoire. Even better, you can share your chord charts with the band by linking them to a song suggestion.



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Typing Hints

  • Navigate using tab, shift-tab and the arrow keys
  • Enter inserts a new bar
  • Ctrl-enter inserts a new block in the same section
  • Ctrl-Shift-enter inserts a new section, for example a verse, chorus or bridge.
  • Similarly, use Backspace and Delete in combination with Ctrl and Ctrl-shift to delete bars, blocks and sections
  • When editing bars, some special keys are available:
    • Press * for °
    • Press ^ for Δ
    • Press @ for ø